How To Contribute

We would love to have contributions from everyone and no contribution is too small. Please submit as many fixes for typos and grammar bloopers as you can!

To make participation in this project as pleasant as possible for everyone, we adhere to the Code of Conduct by the Python Software Foundation.

The following steps will help you get started:

Fork, then clone the repo:

$ git clone

Make sure the tests pass beforehand:

$ tox


$ nosetests tests/

Make your changes. Include tests for your change. Make the tests pass:

$ tox


$ nosetests tests/

Push to your fork and submit a pull request.

Here are a few guidelines that will increase the chances of a quick merge of your pull request:

  • Always try to add tests and docs for your code. If a feature is tested and documented, it’s easier for us to merge it.
  • Follow PEP 8.
  • Write good commit messages.
  • If you change something that is noteworthy, don’t forget to add an entry to the changes.


  • If you think you have a great contribution but aren’t sure whether it adheres – or even can adhere – to the rules: please submit a pull request anyway! In the best case, we can transform it into something usable, in the worst case the pull request gets politely closed. There’s absolutely nothing to fear.
  • If you have a great idea but you don’t know how or don’t have the time to implement it, please consider opening an issue and someone will pick it up as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering a contribution to this project! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out the RIPE Atlas team via the mailing list, GitHub Issue Queue, or messenger pigeon – if you must.